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11 Ways to Improve Your Health at Work

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Sitting eight hours in a chair for five days a week negatively affects your health. Being stuck at a desk whole day may give you back pain and stiffness, and looking at the computer screen constantly for long periods can strain your eyes. Luckily, there are ways to improve your health at work and keep these health issues at bay:

1. Take Regular Breaks:

Do not glue on your seat the entire day rather spend a few minutes away. It will make you more productive as well as more focused. You can go to refill your water bottle or get a cup of coffee or tea. Or rather simply walk to your colleagues instead of sending emails to them.

2. Don’t Stare Intently at a Computer Screen:

Sitting at a computer all day for a working professional is harmful to eyes. Always sit at least an arm’s length away from your computer. Also, after one hour of regular computer use, remember to look away for at least a minute or two- this gives rest to your eyes and can help alleviate headaches and eyestrain. Additionally, do not keep the font size very small on your computer.

3. Do Some Physical Activity:

Spending prolong periods of time sitting in an office chair is an invitation to several health issues, including unwanted weight gain. To stay fit at work and keep your body functioning well, do some physical activity throughout the day. You can do some weight-loss exercises in the office. Also, to cut down your sitting time, invest in an earphone or headset and stand while making any phone calls. Walking during lunch time is also a great idea to burn extra calories you gained.

4. Eat Healthy Lunch:

A healthy lunch, containing lots of veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole-grain carbohydrates, will improve your health and keep you focused throughout the day. Also, it is imperative to eat your food in smaller portions so that you do not consume too many calories at once.

5. Keep Healthy Snacks at Your Desk:

We need snacks between meals for staying focused and fueled. And often we end up eating something greasy takeaway which results in stomach pain. Therefore, always keep healthy, filling snacks, such as almonds, low-fat yogurt and/or fresh fruits right at your desk that will boost your energy and allow you to stay productive all-day long. It will also keep your blood sugar stable.

6. Reduce Caffeine Consumption:

Office workers are dependent on caffeinated beverages to keep themselves stress-free and focused in the afternoon. But, consuming 2-3 cups of caffeine every day can lead to insomnia. It also makes teeth yellow and increases the level of sugar in the body. Therefore, try to limit your coffee or tea intake to one cup every morning.

7. Drinking a Plenty of Water:

Most of us, especially when we are snowed under with a lot of work, often forget to drink enough water. Insufficient water in the body causes dehydration and leads to a plethora of health problems, including hair loss, elevated blood pressure or even stroke. Therefore, it is essential to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses every day. Or you can eat fruits that contain good content of water, such as grapes, oranges, watermelon, and apples to stay healthy and hydrated.

8. Maintain Work-Life Balance:

Do not sit for more than the office hours regularly. It may have a negative effect on your body. Be out of the office at a reasonable time every day, and make sure to detach yourself from office work during weekends and holidays. Use that time to unwind and invigorate yourself.

9. Try Meditating:

If you can manage, try to sit for at least five minutes during your work day in silence. It will refresh your mind and allow you to feel calmer. Check if your office has a quiet zone or a designated relaxation area where you can spend some time to de-stress and refresh yourself.

10. Stay happy:

Stress or depression in the workplace can impair your immune system and increase your risk of illness. If you are feeling overwhelmed with work or a little stressed, we suggest you go out for a long vacation to replenish your energy. If you have a conflict with your co-worker or boss, a vacation will help minimize tension and get your mind off work.

11. Keep a Disinfectant Cleaner or Spray:

You might not know that your mouse, keyboard, and mobile phone harbor plenty of germs, which can make you ill. Therefore, always keep a registered disinfectant cleaner or spray with you to limit the effect of these viruses.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips for staying healthy in the workplace. These tips will make a huge difference in how you perform at work as well as bring a positive change in your overall well-being.

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