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Frequently Asked Questions


Are The Online Surgery doctors suitably qualified?
Our small group of doctors that form the The Online Surgery team are all fully qualified general practitioners. They have all worked for long periods within the NHS and offer you exactly the same standards of care you would receive at your local surgery.


How do I know that the medicine sold by The Online Surgery is genuine?
We only supply legitimate traceable medicines. All pharmaceutical companies that produce medicines for the European market must provide contact details and batch numbers for all medicines. If you are unsure that you are using a genuine medicine simply call the company in question and they will be able to confirm that your medicine is real. Counterfeiters target drugs such as generic Viagra (Sildenafil) and often make mistakes. For instance Sildenafil is only sold in multiples of four or eight, so if you have purchased a pack in any other multiple it should be disposed of and refunded by your provider.

How do I know that I won’t accidently be sent the wrong medicine?
First Care Pharmacy, our London-based GPCH pharmacy, supply and check all The Online Surgery medicines. All of the medicine we prescribe is checked, packaged and dispatched by highly qualified GPHC registered pharmacists right here in the UK.

What should I do if my medicine causes side effects?
Prescription medications can be very strong and their use should always be carefully controlled. It’s extremely important that all patients use treatments in the quantities and time-frames recommended by a doctor.
Almost all prescription strength medication can cause side-effects. These range from very mild to very severe, for this reason progression of any side effects should be monitored closely.
We request that our patients keep us fully apprised of all side effects experienced.
Outside of these hours please call your local GP service or NHS 111.
If you have a medical emergency do not use this service. Take action with your own doctor, visit Accident and Emergency or call an ambulance immediately.

I’ve found a very cheap medicine from another online doctor site, how do I know it’s safe?
For your safety, please make sure that the savings you make from buying online prescription medicine are not at the cost of your health.
Ensure that, like The Online Surgery, the online doctor is UK-based, GPCH registered and that GPs involved are GMC registered.
Further, ensure that the medicine is traceable to a UK source.
Finally, it is illegal to sell prescription medicine in the UK without a valid prescription from a GMC registered UK doctor.


Do you share my medical records with my GP?
No. Your records are not shared with any other medical professional unless you explicitly wish for your information to be shared.

Is it obvious what is in the package when it is posted to me?
All of our packaging is entirely unbranded and plain; no one will know what is in your package except you.

Does The Online Surgery share my details with any other companies?
We will NEVER share your details with any third party. That is a guarantee both now and in the future. We adhere to NHS guidance on data and are registered with the Information Commissioner.


How quickly will I receive medicine I order online?
Your prescription is dispensed and posted by First Care Pharmacy to your home, office or address of your choice by next day through special delivery, except over public holidays. When you order before midday you will receive your medication by the next working day. When you order medicines on a Friday, before 2 PM, then they will be delivered by the following Monday. In case the order is placed after 2 PM, the medicines shall be delivered by Tuesday. This is only for Special Delivery.

Can I have my order sent to another address?
Yes. As long as you are the registered card holder it can be sent to your work address within the United Kingdom.

Do I need to be in to receive my order in person?
Your medicine has to be signed for either by yourself or a nominee. Your nominee could be your neighbour or someone else you trust. The Online Surgery requires this to ensure that medicines reach you safely and do not fall into the wrong hands. Regular customers on request, can arrange to have medicines delivered to a safe drop area.

Can I return my order once I take delivery of it?
The return of prescription strength medication is prohibited by law. So once a package leaves our premises it cannot be returned However, if you receive a damaged package, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we can work with you to resolve the issue. If you have left over prescription strength medication it is important to dispose of it responsibly. We recommend that you take it to your nearest pharmacy for destruction.

If I would like information about the status of my online prescription what do I do?
All medications are dispensed and posted by our primary associate pharmacy, First Care Pharmacy. If you have a delivery query regarding your order you can contact the pharmacy by email at: care@theonlinesurgery.co.uk

What happens if my order is refused on medical grounds?
If The Online Surgery does not approve your medication you will receive an email to confirm your order has not been approved. You will simultaneously receive notification of an automatic refund within 24 hours to the card you used to make payment.

My package has been damaged in the post, what can I do?
Damaged goods can be returned and a full refund will be given. Subject to our legal duties, returns and delivery policy. Please inform us via email at care@theonlinesurgery.co.uk of your intention to return damaged goods including the nature of the fault prior to sending us any items.


How do I place an order for medication online?
The Online Surgery prescribes within strict medical guidelines to ensure your safety. The process of ordering medication starts with an online medical assessment which takes into account your medical history and other factors. Thereafter our smart algorithm technology presents you with a range of medications that can safely be prescribed for your condition. You select the medicine and pay. Our Doctor reviews your information and approves or declines the prescription. If there is a choice between two medications that both provide you the proper treatment and follow all statutory regulations then you are free to ‘choose’ medication within those limits. These constraints are designed to ensure that your patient safety is paramount at all times. The process takes just a few short minutes.

What is the 'Ask Our Doctor' online consultation?
Our online consultations allow you to ask The Online Surgery a direct medical question. You will be asked to complete a short form that is designed to gather all the information the GP requires to make an informed diagnosis. This will enable the GP to prescribe the optimal treatment and explain your condition to you in greater depth.

Why do I need an online consultation to order certain medicines?
Our enhanced online consultation allows our GPs find out more about you and ensure that we’re prescribing the right treatment for your condition. At The Online Surgery patient safety is paramount; this additional level of care allows us to be sure that we’re operating safely and staying within the bounds of best practice.

Can I make an order over the phone?
Unfortunately we do not take any orders over the telephone, as we have a specific process to ensure patient safety.

How old do I need to be to order medicine from The Online Surgery?
We’re legally bound to provide services only to those over the age of 18. If you are under 18 and have a medical issue that you would like to deal with without going to your local GP, the best way to find out about services that are right for you is to check nhs.uk.

How can I pay for services?
You’re able to use all major methods of online payment.

Why can’t I reorder my medicine that I have ordered before?
From time to time our GPs update the clinical pathways within which we operate. Put simply, we require you to re-answer our assessment to ensure that the treatment you received previously is still recommended for your condition. Staying up to date with the latest guidance from various medical bodies is just part of our commitment to your safety. It may take a few moments to complete, however, it is a vital step to ensure you are receiving the best care.

Do I need a prescription to order from The Online Surgery?
We’re able to prescribe medication for a range of conditions where you do not need a prescription prior to your online assessment by The Online Surgery, however, for certain conditions we may require that you have already been diagnosed or are already receiving treatment.

What can I do if The Online Surgery refuses to write me a prescription on medical grounds?
At The Online Surgery our GPs make the final decision on all prescriptions. If they think that a treatment is not right for you; that it would be unethical to prescribe a certain treatment to you, or that they require additional information available only from a physical examination they will refuse.
At this point we may recommend that you talk to a doctor in person. It may be that with additional measures your local GP is happy to prescribe certain medication.

Why did you refuse to prescribe me Tramadol through your online 'Ask Our Doctor' service?
The Online Surgery does not prescribe controlled substances that are likely to cause addiction in our patients. We clearly state in our 'Ask Our Doctor' service that we will not prescribe Modafinil, Tramadol and Armour thyroid.
As a responsible online doctor our first duty is to our patient's safety.


If I have a medical condition that is not listed on your website what can I do?
If your condition is not listed you can use our 'Ask Our Doctor' service. The 'Ask Our Doctor' service offers a consultation with a UK registered GP. For a consultation fee of £25 we will take you through a series of questions that are designed to gather all the necessary information The Online Surgery needs.

You can start a consultation about anything you like and if we need any further information you will be contacted securely through the Secure Message service. The Online Surgery will then consider your consultation and provide you with any appropriate medical advice or recommend treatment you need. You will receive an immediate refund if our doctor is unable to help you. This is an advice only service

Do you sell antibiotics for my chest infection?
We do not prescribe antibiotics for chest infections or similar conditions through our online doctor prescription service.


Should I still visit my GP?
Whilst, in the majority of cases, there is no need to visit your doctor prior to commencing treatment from The Online Surgery, it is advisable to keep your local GP abreast of any treatment you receive. We are happy to inform your doctor of any or all medications you have been prescribed – should you wish.

Can I speak directly to a GP about my symptoms and my condition?
Yes. Via secure on-site email. The 'Ask Our Doctor' service allows you to directly ask our GPs.