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Hormonal Disorders Treatment

Diabetes and an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) are the two commonest hormone abnormalities encountered by the medical profession (women’s sex hormones excluded). These are sometimes under treated or even missed. It is estimated that one in sixteen people in the UK have diabetes with over four million living with the condition nationwide.

Remarkably, some thyroid experts are saying that up to 50% of the population may develop symptoms and signs of an underactive thyroid. Our experts can help you decide on tests and treatment for each of these 2 common hormone problems.

Diabetes Price Starts from £17
Thyroid Price Starts from £18

Hormonal disorders and in particular, the reduction or lack of hormones accounts for one of the largest reasons for patients requesting medical help. Diabetes affects approximately 6% of the UK population now and that figure is likely to rise as the population gets more overweight and older. 90% of diabetes is type II and many of these patients need medication to help keep their blood sugars at normal levels.
Thyroid disease and in particular, under active thyroid is the second commonest hormonal disorder to present to GPs and requires treatment with replacement thyroid hormone. Some experts suggest that the incidence of hypothyroidism may be substantially higher and that patients may benefit from treatment even when they have borderline test results.
We can arrange specialised tests and prescribe these medications for you so that they are delivered promptly and without fuss to your doorstep.

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