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Women's Health Treatment

Women’s health is a complex field! It ranges from problems with periods, fertility, menopause, vaginal discharge, infections and contraception. It also includes problems with unwanted facial hair, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pregnancy and childbirth. We can arrange for home testing kits for hormones and ovulation to be sent directly to you.

We can arrange for home testing kits for hormones and ovulation to be sent directly to you.

Whatever the problem, our team of doctors can help you disentangle it to give you peace of mind!

Anaemia Price Starts from £18
Bacterial Vaginosis Price Starts from £23
Cystitis Price Starts from £15
HRT Price Starts from £18
Incontinence Price Starts from £57
Morning After Pill Price Starts from £25
PCOS Price Starts from £19
Premenstrual Syndrome Price Starts from £31
Contraception Price Starts from £18
Period Delay Price Starts from £18

Women have always been very good at knowing what is important in life, but sadly the medical profession has been very slow to keep up. We at The Online Surgery have particular expertise in managing and understanding women’s health issues.

From managing troublesome periods, contraception and period delay we can provide you with expert help.

We also specialize in HRT prescription and fully understand that many women who have previously been deprived of this life-altering medication because of presumed safety risks, can now safely take these medications.

For women desperate to have children, we can provide expert advice about fertility and testing and prescribe medications to induce periods and ovulation to significantly increase the chances of conceiving.

We can also give expert advice and treatment for those embarrassing ‘women’s problems’ such as recurrent cystitis and incontinence, to give you the confidence to go out of the house and socialise, without the fear of letting yourself down.

Statement about the current cyber-attack on NHS services

You may be aware that a number of NHS hospitals and GP practices’ services have been disrupted by a cyber-attack on their computer systems.

We take the threat very seriously and we are monitoring our own IT systems very closely, and will keep you informed if any of our services are affected.

We would like to reassure patients that their personal details are not at risk.

We are currently unable to accept orders while we review our services. We expect to be back to normal shortly. In the meantime, our apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Start your consultation today with any of our expert doctors, using your smartphone, computer or tablet. Chat and Phone consultations are available anytime, 7 days a week.

Our Doctors are highly experienced NHS GPs and have provided online healthcare for many years.

They can provide the full range of medical services, and are able to advise and help with acute and chronic problems.

If you want to use The Online Surgery service for your repeat medication, then go ahead and place an order and our Doctors will review it.

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