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Osteoporosis Test Online

Osteoporosis is a common problem affectng around 3 million people in UK. In this the bones get progressively weaker and brittle, making it more suscetible to bone break.

We at TheOnlineSurgery provide a Bone Profile Test, in which we check bone markers. Bone markers are present in the blood and urine and help check the rate of formation and reabsorption of bone. You will need to give a blood and urine sample for this test.

You can order Osteoporosis test here at TheOnlineSurgery.

Bone markers are blood and urine tests that help determine if the rate of bone rsorption and formation is abnormally increased, suggesting a person’s risk of bone fracture and conditions such as osteoporosis. Bone tissue is constantly undergoing turnover as old bone is broken down and new bone is formed, to maintain healthy bone structure.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones, making them porous and fragile, where even mild falls or stresses can cause them to break. It is a common condition affecting around three million people in the UK.

Bone, a living tissue, is constantly being broken down and replaced, however with osteoporosis the creation of new bone is no longer able to keep up with the removal of old bone. Fractures of the wrist, hip and vertebrae are the most common type of breaks for people affected.

Usually it comes with no warning, developing slowly over years. Treatment options include supplements to strengthen the bones and prevent future fractures.

Typically osteoporosis doesn’t cause any symptoms in the early stages. It develops slowly over years, once the bones become porous and weak, it results in a stress fracture, giving first signs of osteoporosis.

Symptoms in more advanced stages include;

- Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra

- Loss of height over time

- A stooped posture when the spine is unable to support the weight of the body.

- Bone fractures that occur with even mild stress

Our bones gives us our built, mobility and strength, it is important to look after them.Increasingly, especially as people are aging, bones are losing density becomingporous and fragile over years. It is important to determine your risk of developingosteoporosis, and avoid its long-term consequences such as frequent bone fractures,back pain and a stooped posture, especially if you experience unsual aches andpains.

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